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300 Chefs is the new top group choosen by many top botters and resellers.


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MonitorsOur blazing fast monitors alert our member of any profitable drops instantly scraped from the website whenever they drop.
SlotsWe provide the best autocheckout for members, ran on the best bots so you can sleep in during releases if you want!
StocksOur Stock mod has years of investing experience and always secures insane gains for members.
Card FlippingOur members are alerted of all the best sports cards and pokemon card flips.
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Where do I begin, 300Chefs has been revolutionary for me. I'm a small reseller but within the 1.5 months I've been here, I've been able to tremendously expand into different departments. I have gotten free stuff that would be enough for a monthly membership in just 20 minutes. Definitely worth the 50$ and even more.


Being in this group is absolutely nessecary if you want to maximize profits, there are bigger well known groups that don't get the crazy inside information 300 chefs can pull, you can be in a group with 60k twitter followers with no cfa bot, no walmart scoops, no price errors, or you can join the chefs and literally eat for free everyday.


$3500 profit this month.. only counted like 4 things I've sold.. too lazy to count all of the other stuff under $100 profit lol. Thanks 300 Chefs.



Do I need experience to join?No experience needed! Most members are new to reselling and are provided with all the basics and tools needed to become successful.
Can I cancel my membership?Yes you can cancel anytime easily through our dashboard.
Is there an age requirement to join?Any ages are welcome as long as you're respectful and motivated! Some of our members are making thousands and are 14!
How much is it a month?For $60 a month you get access to some of the most exclusive information, tools, our iOS App, chrome autofill, free food everyday, and easy profitable cooks that will make you hundreds to thousands a month.